Tournaire PLUS 45™ - 625ml Aluminium bottle

Tournaire PLUS 45™ - 625ml Aluminium bottle

160 units per case


1600 units per pallet (contact us for prices and availabilities).


White PLUS 45 cap and 28 plug included.

(Additional caps and plugs can be bought using the links above)

A true market benchmark, the System Plus™ range is ideal for packaging, transporting and sampling sensitive products.

Manufactured from aluminium 1050A and 1070A, this packaging provides high impact, tear and chemical resistance while also guaranteeing a 100% UV barrier. Its monobloc, seamless structure and tamper-proof seal ensure optimal watertightness and maximum security for your products.


• UN approved.

• Conforms to European regulations on food contact.

• Tamper-proof seal.

• 100% recyclable aluminium.


The actual product may vary slightly from the picture.


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