9 rows display Aromatic Synergies

9 rows display Aromatic Synergies


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Specially designed by a craftsman from the Eastern Townships, these wooden displays will allow you to offer your customers at your place of sale essential oils or blends of essential oils from ZAYAT AROMA in a practical and elegant way.

The trays are available in different configurations including a demonstration bottle and several bottles of essential oils (4, 5 or 6 depending on the models).

This display of our 9 most popular synergies includes 6 bottles of 32 ml of each synergy with a 15 ml demo and a handcrafted wooden display.

Abundance (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Abundance (15ml) x 1

Conifers  (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Conifers (15ml) x 1

Harmony  (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Harmony (15ml) x 1

Pandem  (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Pandem (15ml) x 1

Relax  (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Relax (15ml) x 1

Breathe  (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Breathe (15ml) x 1

Rejoice  (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Celebrations (15ml) x 1

Sleep  (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Sleep (15ml) x 1

Tonic  (32ml) x 6 + DEMO Tonic (15ml) x 1

Includes in total:

9x 6 bottles of 32ml and 9x 1 bottles of 15ml of each kind.

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