DIFFUSAROMA - mist diffuser

DIFFUSAROMA - mist diffuser


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This diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to create a fine mist of water and essential oil. This technology has the advantage of preserving the properties of essential oils through cold diffusion, coupled with that of humidifying the air and recharging it with the purifying properties of negative ions
An interesting option is also to use hydrolat (floral water), such as rose, when the essential oil is not well suited for use in a diffuser (too thick, heavy, or expensive). The hydrolat can be diffused on its own or mixed with essential oils.

To use, simply fill with water or floral water to the line on the bowl and add 5-10 drops of essential oil as desired. Wipe away any spilled water and turn on. To clean: Remove the glass cover and wipe with a soft cloth. Empty and wipe out the inside of the bowl. Rinse with a small amount of rubbing alcohol if necessary to remove any residues. This diffuser has a wooden base with a glass bowl and cover. When turned on it diffuses a fine mist, lit with an LED light that changes colour. It uses approximately 50ml / hour of water and has an approximate capacity of 125ml.

- Diffusion power: about 50 ml / h
- Material: Recycled bamboo
- Alternating soft color lighting, which illuminates the mist


Operating instructions:


1. Make sure the input voltage indicated on the adapter is the same as your local power supply. Otherwise, do not use the diffuser.

2. Place the device on a flat surface and in a dry and ventilated place.

3. If water accidentally enters the internal space of the device through the ventilation opening, unplug the device, empty the water and place it in a ventilated place for 4 days. If it does not work after 4 days, contact us.

4. In case of abnormal situations such as smoke, odor or suspicious noise, unplug the adapter immediately and contact us.

5. Never wrap the adapter with cloth, paper, etc., otherwise it cannot dissipate the heat properly. This could damage  the adapter or cause a short circuit.

6. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the diffuser by yourself, the warranty would no longer be effective.

7. Keep the product out of the reach of children and animals to avoid injury or electric shock.



1. If you add too much water to the container and it overflows from the tank, unplug the appliance, remove the adapter from the base and allow the diffuser to dry for 4 hours.

2. If water or mist escapes between the base and the cover, replace and adjust the cover properly.

3. Do not touch the glass disc when the appliance is in operation.


90-day limited warranty:

Keep the original packaging and proof of purchase so that the warranty is honored. The date of purchase determines the start of the warranty.


Steps to follow in the event of a problem:

1. Read the operating instructions carefully.

2. If the problem persists, contact us.

3. Transport costs are not included in the warranty, they are the responsibility of the customer.


The warranty does not apply in the following cases: expiration of the warranty; improper use or maintenance of the device; use of any liquid other than water or hydrosol and essential oils (10 to 15 drops maximum); appliance broken by a fall, blow or fire; the customer is unable to provide proof of purchase.


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