DIFFUSAROMA - Necklace - Classic

DIFFUSAROMA - Necklace - Classic


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The DIFFUSAROMA™ olfactif pendant is a unique creation from ZAYAT AROMA, brought to life by Anthony Wright, scientific glass blower. Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil or blend on the cloth to benefit all day from the aroma. This purchase helps fund the "Museum of World Aromas" a non-profit organisation created in 2013.


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  • lucas@raphaaromatherapy.ca's picture
    Lucas A.

    5 Star for sure. I love the elegant simplicity. Such a simple design but quite beautiful. It's quite a neat setup with the felt rolled up as the "filler". Delightful. I put in some Harmony blend today and have been enjoying it all day. The only problem I had with the diffuser was that the string provided wasn't long enough to get around my fat head. But minor problem. Love it otherwise.