DIFFUSAROMA - Small Colibri Cobalt

DIFFUSAROMA - Small Colibri Cobalt


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The diffuser DIFFUSAROMA uses nebulization, which is widely considered as the most effective method in aromatherapy to diffuse aromatic essences (essential oils). It purifies the air while creating an enjoyable atmosphere. This innovative yet simple nebulization technique used by the diffuser DIFFUSAROMA disperse billions of micro-drops of aromatic essences in the air without heating them, thus preserving all of their therapeutic properties.

This diffuser glass, in the shape of a small bird was created and hand blown by Anthony Wright, scientific glass blower, here in Bromont. A creation from our line of colibri (humming bird) diffuser glasses, this one is crafted from cobalt glass, making a rich dark blue coloured glass. Please note that each model is unique, therefore your diffuser could differ slightly from the picture.

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  • onzeonze@yahoo.com's picture
    Daniel F.

    It diffuses truly well, and the house smells great :-) I've not needed to remove oils before reusing it.