Kit DIY Winter sickness

Kit DIY Winter sickness


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Winter is often synonymous with fatigue, flu, colds, coughs ...
Wondering which essential oils to use to keep viruses and bacteria away?

You will find in this box all the necessary items to make up to 3 recipesat home : a decongestant balm, a bath oil and aromatic bath salts.

To offer or to offer oneself!


The recipe card

1 glass beaker 200 ml

1 amber glass jar 100 ml

1 amber glass jar 50 ml

1 amber glass bottle 5 ml 

1 bath salt 350 gr

1 jojoba oil 32 ml

1 lemon yellow 5 ml

1 black spruce 5 ml

1 Eucalyptus officinal 5 ml

1 Ravintsare 5 ml

1 Balsam fir 5 ml

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