Liliblanc - Solid shampoo - dandruff

Liliblanc - Solid shampoo - dandruff


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Helps to eliminate dandruff
100% natural, soft hair and zero waste!

Properties of the ingredients:
Organic hemp seed oil: soothing, purifying skin
Jojoba oil: vitality and shine, normalizes sebum
Tea tree: antibacterial, antiseptic, fungicide
Basil: detoxifying, soothes scalp
Shikakai: limits the formation of dandruff
Jujube powder: astringent and cleansing
Phytokeratine: maintains moisture
Vegetable collagen: thickening and sheathing
Vitamin B5: restorative and provides shine

Ingredients: Sodium, sodium cocoyl isethionate, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree Hydrosol) extract, Simmondsia Chinensis oil water * (jojoba oil), Nigella sativa oil. * (Nigella oil), Ocimum sanctum leaf * (Basil sacred powder), Acacia concinna fruit powder (shikakai powder), Rosmarinus officinalis leaf powder (powdered Rosemary) leaf powder jujuba Sisyphus * (Sidr powder), Azadirachita indica leaf powder (neem powder), Hydrolyzed wheat protein (phytokeratine) Kaempferia galanga root powder) Kachur sugandhi powder), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender essential oil) oil, Ricinus communis oil * (castor oil), Glycoproteins (vegetable collagen), Panthenol (provitamin B5), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Mentha x piperita oil & Melaleuca alternifolia oil (peppermint and tea tree essential oil), Potassium sorbate. | * organic

Instructions for use: wet hair and shampoo. By now the length of hair near the scalp, rub vigorously shampoo at least 20 to 30 seconds on the surface of the head. After getting a rich and abundant lather, massaging the hair. Rinse off.

It is important to completely dry shampoo between each use and do not keep it in a box.

Usage: 40-60 shampoos, depending on length of hair.
Weight: 54 g
Dimensions: 6 cm in diameter x 2 cm thick

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