Made with love - Soap forêt mystique

Made with love - Soap forêt mystique


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Artist of the Heart, with a big bohemian side, Isabelle Lagloire has always added a special touch, whether culinary, craft, which defines her well.

Following a gluten allergy, she decided to concoct her own products. After much research, studies and training, this small craft enterprise was born. A mother who has always chosen feed her healthy family and care for her children with natural products, first and foremost. She sincerely believes in love, giving of herself, and being kind and generous with people. Giving of your time, or just listening to someone in need, is where the name of your company MADE WITH LOVE comes from.

It manufactures handmade soaps, as well as 100% natural body products. 
No perfume, no chemical additive, no dye. 
Ingredients chosen with conscience, which come from Quebec.

«I make one pot at a time, with Love, creativity and passion, respecting the environment.»


7 oz size

Composition : organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, shea butter, essential oils of fir, red pine, cedar, rosemary, juniper, thuja.

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