New York Institute of Aromatic Studies

New York Institute of Aromatic Studies


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Place: 530 E 13TH ST, NEW YORK, NY, 10009

About the School (visit the independent website for complete info:

The study of aromatherapy is, at its essence, about relationships. It’s about nourishing a relationship with aromatic plants, essential oils, and the natural world, as well as enhancing your relationship with yourself, your dreams and your community.

The New York Institute of Aromatic Studies (formerly the School for Aromatic Studies) was founded because of how fascinated, inspired and moved we were by those discoveries in ourselves; that’s why our experience—and our curriculum—goes far beyond the chemistry of oils to include all the ways in which you experience aromatherapy, from aroma to memory, from emotion to energy. We started our journey as one of the first aromatherapy schools in the U.S. back in 1990. From that beginning, our mission was to offer a balanced, progressive and inspiring approach to aromatherapy education.

ZAYAT AROMA is not responsible for the training or content delivered during workshops.

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