Zayat: The One who makes the Oils

ZAYAT : The One Who Makes the Oil. ZAYAT AROMA is a family business committed to offering the best in holistic aromatherapy since 1985. We are specialized in the creation, distillation and distribution of 100% pure, natural and authentic products from Canada and around the world.

For over 3000 years the Zayat family has passed from father to son the art of pressing the olives (zaytouns) to obtain the marvelous oil (zayt).

100% pure and natural aromatic essences

Our aromatic essences are bottled by hand

Many of our aromatic essences come from organic plants

We are happy to present our 100% pure and natural products. Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of contacts and have partnered with artisanal essential oils producers from all over the world to encourage sustainable and responsible agriculture and production practices and to ensure access to the highest quality of aromatic products for generations to come. Today, we offer our products from a drop to a barrel, to accommodate the needs of our clients whether it is for personal use, therapeutic use or larger companies.

Our Promise of Quality

The combination of the founders’ family name ‘ZAYAT’ with ‘AROMA’ reflects our sincere engagement to provide the very finest, most authentic and natural aromatic products. The company’s logo, a way of writing Zayat in Arabic, simultaneously inspires a drop, a nose, a flame and the diffusion of aromas. It symbolises our quest for harmony, and excellence in all of our activities.  

With Mikael Zayat as our guide, we carefully select each of our oils, produced by our global network of partners / producers with the highest respect for the environment and the people. We are happy and proud to present you with our vast selection of 100% pure and natural aromatic products. The spirit of Mediterranean roots blended with Quebecois culture create a beautifully rich synergy which is reflected in the fundamental values of our business. We show our devotion to our vision of respect, hospitality, diversity, transparency, and fluidity in all of our operations. We continually strive to achieve a "win-win" outcome with all of our partners, whether they be clients, producers or distributers to build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships that allow both parties to grow and flourish. Let us come together to promote balance, health, simplicity and education. Our vision is to eco-resposability and environmental consciousness to protect the riches of our Earth for generations to come.

Organic certifications

ECOCERT CANADA is known for their superior standards in terms of quality for their certifications. They demand impeccable traceability, and guarantee the respect of our planet.

Click on this link for the pdf version of the certificate : https://www.zayataroma.com/sites/zayataroma.com/files/ZA.ECOCERT.EN.20220207.pdf

The Canada Organic logo ensures that our products conform to the Canadian norms for organic agriculture (from the farm to the shelves) containing at least 95% organic ingredients, exempt of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and complying with sustainable practices.
USDA is an acronym for United States Department of Agriculture and represents the American standard for organic certification. It ensures that the product is exempt of synthetic molecules and substances, genetic engineering and radiation.

Origins of our raw materials

It is of utmost importance to know the origin, the botanical species and the part of the plant (leaves, flowers, roots, etc) when using essential oils for specific therapeutic treatments. We list this information in our price lists and on each one of our bottles to ensure easy access.

Wild (SAUV) : Plants that have been collected from the wild. Grown in their natural environment, without human intervention until the harvest, these plants tend to flourish in their natural habitat and are naturally exempt from chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.

Sustainable Agriculture (PED) : Sustainable cultivation practices are observed and great care is taken to ensure the respect of the planet, the plants and the people. These producers strive to avoid any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but have decided to opt out of an official organic certification, usually because of the added expense and/or the time consuming nature of the certification process.

Conventional (CONV) : The plants used to make these products are cultivated by a producer who does not have an organic certificate. We strive to work with farmers who practice responsable and sustainable agriculture, and use little or no pesticides.

The HECT label is solely used in the context of essential oils and describes a product that was tested by gas chromatography to verify the quality, the presence of any contaminants (vegetable and mineral oils, other essential oils or fragrances, synthetic substances) and to determine the chemotype (Chemical type: predominant molecules and specific chemistry) of the batch. It guarantees:

100% NATURAL, unadulterated by synthetic or mineral components or molecules.
100% PURE, free of other essential oils, carrier oils, alcohol, mineral oils, and contaminants
100% TOTAL, the essential oil has not been decolourized, bleached, or altered in any way.

The chemotype and analysis’ of our essential oils are available on request.


Mikaël Zayat

Born in Egypt, Mikaël Zayat, Alchimist in Essence, has spent over 30 years mastering the art of distilling aromatic plants to extract their essences (essential oils). He is a world renowned pioneer in holistic aromatherapy and in the distillation of plants native to Quebec. His aromatic creations and synergies are appreciated all over the world for their numerous qualities. Eloï A. Zayat, his eldest son, incorporated the company on Septembre 21, 2011, the International Day of Peace. They unite to offer the best from the noble tradition of 100% natural essential oils.

Mikael ZayatFor thousand of years, the essences and extracts of aromatic plants, commonly referred to as essential oils, have held an important role in the healing of the body, mind and spirit. Less than 10% of the world’s vegetation contain aromatic molecules and even fewer are can be extracted into essential oils. These precious liquids are the very essence of the plant, some say the spirit, defining it, protecting it, and giving each its own unique character. Prized and valued, these plants and essences have been used for centuries in rituals, ceremonies and to purify sacred places.
We can also assume that the term “perfume” comes from the french “par fumé”, literally “by smoke” referring to the traditional burning of these aromatic plants to purify, deodorize, and “perfume” places and the people who use them.