Diffusaroma : Frequently Asked Questions & Usage Recommandations

The diffuser DIFFUSAROMA uses nebulization, which is widely considered as the most effective method in aromatherapy to diffuse aromatic essences (essential oils). It purifies the air while creating an enjoyable atmosphere. This innovative yet simple nebulization technique used by the DIFFUSAROMA diffuser disperses billions of micro-drops of 100% pure aromatic essences in the air without heating them, thus preserving all of their therapeutic properties.

For maintenance, in the guide, you mention a diffuser cleaner, what is it? If I don’t have any right now, what can I use to clean my diffuser? I also wanted to know how often I should clean my diffuser and if I need to clean it when I change oils?

As long as you are using your diffuser regularly, there is no need to clean it, even if you change oils. The best way to keep it running smoothly is to keep using it and to refresh the oils often. If you need to clean it, you can use rubbing alcool, or if it is very blocked, acetone to dissolve the gummed essential oils. Follow the instructions for deep cleaning at the bottom of the page. Never put water in your diffuser.

Will it damage my diffuser if I forget to turn it off and the oil runs out?

The pump of your diffuser is designed to pump air and not to heat the oils, because of this, the pump won’t over heat or become damaged if there is no oil left in the diffuser, however because the pumps in our diffusers are not meant to run continuously more than 2 hours, care should be taken to turn it off before that time.

I received the blends(synergies) Relax and Harmony in how much do I need to use a day for it to be effective?

The best way to use these oils is to rely on your instinct. We generally recommend diffusing for 15 minutes twice a day, but factors including how you feel, the size of the space, and the amount of air circulation need to be taken into account.

Why do I need to make sure the diffuser is turned on before putting the essential oils inside?

It is recommended that the pump is turned on before you fill it just to make sure that the oils can’t go in the small glass tube where the air comes out (which is very rare)

Which essential oils can I use in my diffuser?

It is important to use only pure essential oils of a very fluide consistency to avoid clogging or gumming your diffuser. You can use any of our aromatic synergies for diffusers, or refer to the list below. While many other pure essential oils are of very fluid consistency, some may be better adapted to other usages or may be too strong to diffuse pure. Here are some that we particularly recommend :
  • Lavander
  • Lavandin
  • Eucalyptus radiata
  • White pine
  • Balsam fir
  • Hemlock spruce
  • Black spruce
  • Ravintsara
  • Lemon
  • Sweet orange

Usage Instructions:

  1. Installation
    Place your diffuser on a dry, stable surface, out of reach of children and pets
    Insert the diffuser’s glass into the black rubber socket on the base
    Plug the diffuser into an adequate outlet
  2. To use
    Turn your diffuser on maximum (we suggest that you always put your diffuser on maximum to prevent the gumming of the essential oils and to ensure that the drops are projected with enough force to create the micro mist).
    Pour several drops of pure essential oil or synergy into your diffuser being careful that the level of oil stays well below the tips of the little glass tubes inside your diffuser. Note: we recommend counting approximately 1 drop of oil for every minute of diffusion. 
    If you have the standard diffuser glass, place the little glass top on your diffuser to protect the oil from dust and to reduce the noise. If you have the bird diffuser, you will need to place the little cork back into the opening on the side you used to fill it so that the mist goes out the top of the diffuser.
  3. Maintenance
    The best way to maintain your diffuser is to use it regularly. This will prevent the essential oils from sitting in your diffuser where the exposure to air can make them thicker over time. If you think you won’t be using your diffuser for awhile, you can empty the extra essence into a glass bottle and clean the glass to prevent the tubes from clogging.
    Be careful not to allow any liquid to enter your pump as it could cause internal damage
  4. Cleaning
    Use a soft cloth to dust off the outside out your diffuser as needed and to wipe away any escaped droplets of essential oil. Never wet the pump or submerge it in water. 
  5. Deep cleaning
    Take the diffuser glass off of the base
    Empty the remaining essence into a glass or metal bottle
    To clean the glass, pour some diffuser cleaner into the glass and swish it around. 
    Empty the cleaner and allow the glass to to air dry
    Note: If the glass is still blocked, allow the cleaner to sit in the glass for a full day
  6. Precautions
    Use an adequate outlet
    Be careful not to manipulate the plug with wet hands
    Keep the diffuser out of reach of small children and pets
    Don’t use the diffuser on a wet or unstable surface
    It is best not to leave the pump running for more than 2 hours at a time
    Do not try to open the pump or diffuser base
    Only use essential oils that are of very fluid consistency, you can refer to the list above for the ones that are best for use in your diffuser, or take advantage of our aromatic synergies that are specifically made for diffusers
  7. Warranty and services
    We offer a one-year warranty on the base upon presentation of proof of purchase (whether it was purchased directly from ZAYAT AROMA or from one of our distributors).
    We offer a glass cleaning service for a 5$ fee (shipping not included).