Custom synergies

Synergies that look like you

Please contact us for a quote concerning your personalized aromatic essence.

We will help you select the ingredients based on your needs and, of course, the smell! 

We offer the following services:

  • Personal Perfume

It would be our pleasure to meet with you and blend a unique perfume made from 100% natural ingredients.

Our love and passion for essential oils drives us to select only the best quality of ingredients.

You can plan for a 1-2 hour meeting to smell oils and blend your perfume.

We can even keep the recipe on file for you so that it will be available to renew when you run out.

Includes a 9ml roll-on bottle of your signature scent.


  • Exclusive Signature Scents 

This option is ideal for any business large or small that want to harness the power of olfactory marketing! 

It is becoming well known that scents have a direct link to our emotions and memories.

Allow us to help you create a memorable olfactory experience for your clients.

Your blend be used in a diffuser to create a signature ambiance, or can be used as a scent in signature products such as personal perfumes, massage oils, and more.


Come discover a world of possibilities!