Essential oils

Our essential oils 100% pure and natural

Most of our essential oils are certified organic by Ecocert Canada and the others are from ethical agriculture or wildcrafting.

An essential oil is the extract of an aromatic plant obtained by steam distillation. Essential oils are highly aromatic and potent, pure and natural liquid plant extracts that can be used for perfumery, healing, cooking, cleaning, and so much more. Considered by some to be the “essence” of the plant, these precious liquids are amazingly powerful and to be used with the utmost respect. They have amazing healing capacities and many are considered sacred in a variety of cultures from around the world. You may hear us replace the term essential oil with “aromatic essence" as we feel it more accurately describes these extracts, which are not at all “oily” and do not contain any lipids, nor are they truly "essential" in the same sense as the essential fatty acids (found in high quality carrier oils) for the basic functions of our bodies. With guidance from Mikaël Zayat, each of our essences is carefully produced or selected to ensure the highest quality and to encourage ethical and respectful production practices. All of our products are conscientiously bottled by hand to support and sustain their subtle vibrations and potency.