Coffee - Les Trésors d'Afrique

The best of Rwanda coffee straight from the plantation to your cup.

You know the importance of human relations in the MIddle-East, you know the importance of sharing a good coffee with those we love or to seal a contract or a nice meeting.

Our coffee supplier, Béatrice Mukagakwandi, whose parents already operated a coffee plantation in Rwanda, carefully selects the best beans in small family plantations and then imports them and roasts them carefully, in the heart of the Eastern Townships, a few kilometres from Bromont.

We can’t make a fairer circuit.

Enjoy the best of Arabica from Kivu from morning to night as we do at ZAYAT AROMA.

Have you tasted your coffee with a drop of cardamom essential oil? or cinnamon?

And sweet with Weteebee honey?


0.00$ ~ 45gr
café en grain, coffee beans
23.00$ ~ 500gr
café moulu ground coffee
23.00$ ~ 500gr