Archangel Card - Camaël

Archangel Card - Camaël


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Camaël, Chamael or Chamuel, is one of the archangels belonging to Jewish and Christian angelology and mythologies where he is traditionally considered to be the leader of the choir of powers.
Similar to the sun, it is regularly associated with the notions of justice, success, will, love and courage.

His role is also to pacify human relations and to assist the Archangel Michael in the conduct of war.
Its name surely comes from the root חַמָּה (chammah "heat", "rage", "sun") or קוּם (qum "to arise", "to rise") whose name would then mean wrath/rage of God as חַמּוּאֵל or the one who arises/rises before God as קְמוּאֵל.
It is not recognized by the Catholic Church or most Christian denominations but is nevertheless recognized by many popular traditions.

His role and importance recall that of the Archangel Uriel within Christian religions.

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