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Caférable is a spread made with organic maple syrup and coffee, this spread is a Quebec agri-food innovation from Trésors d'Afrique and Bouquets Gourmet, with an exquisite taste.


Its silky texture reveals a unique taste, a perfect marriage between the sweetness of maple and the invigorating taste of Arabica coffee.

It's the perfect synergy of the invigorating flavor of coffee and the delicacy of maple that will help you start your day off right!

This creamy coffee maple butter will brighten up your mornings by making your toast delicious!

Melted lightly, the spread will be just as tasty on a scoop of ice cream or even a piece of vanilla cake.

It happily accompanies croissants, plain yogurt, buckwheat pancakes and pancakes.


The tonicity of arabica coffee soothes the sweet aspect of maple, thus evoking a delicate aroma of caramel.


The perfect partner for your lunches!

Available in 190g glass jars.


It is a 100% organic product, made from maple butter and Arabica coffee from Rwanda.


Ingredients :

Organic maple syrup and organic coffee.


It does not contain any preservatives, dairy products or gluten, it must be kept cool if possible before and after opening.

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