Massage Oil - Tonic

Massage Oil - Tonic


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This blend of essential oils (rosemary, balsam fir, star anise and peppermint) and vegetable oils (sunflower, safflower, sesame, olive, borage, and jojoba) was specifically prepared by Mikaël Zayat for best results during a massage.

These vegetable oils are extracted without solvent and contain no synthetic products or mineral substance. They spread well, penetrate quickly and nourish the skin without obstructing it.

The balanced composition of this mixture allows a very versatile use. It is particularly indicated as a daily body moisturizer, leaving the skin supple, hydrated and delicately flavored.

(Rosmary, balsam fir, anis star et peppermint)

Exclusive creation of Mikaël Zayat

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