Propolis extract

Propolis extract


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The Propolis is a gum made by bees from various resins that trees collect from the buds and bark of trees and shrubs, such as balsam poplar, willow, apple and birch premises.

Propolis comes from a Greek word meaning: rampart of the city.

This resin is mixed with wax, pollen and an enzyme that the bees secrete to obtain Propolis.

In the hive, the bees use Propolis as a sealant to seal cracks and gaps, at the entrances and inside the hive to sanitize their environment.

Bees use Propolis in particular to mummify dead intruder animals, too large to be evacuated by bees (mice, sieves), thus avoiding their decomposition.

Propolis is an extraordinary antibiotic, it is both a fungicide and a powerful bactericide.

Our Propolis is harvested by scraping the material during and at the end of each beekeeping season.


The Propolis WETEEBEE extract is produced, purified and packaged at our farm located in Sainte-Christine, Quebec.


Propolis extract is composed of 15% crude propolis, macerated for one month in neutral alcohol at 45 degrees before being filtered.

It is taken pure or diluted in water, at the rate of 10 to 30 drops at a time, to stop a sore throat or the flu, or even externally in oil or clay to heal a wound.


⇒: Do not use in case of allergy to bee products.

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