Mikaël’s favourite mixes

Mikaël’s favourite mixes

Respiratory difficulties: conifers.

“Everybody knows eucalyptus which is found in commercial ointments to relieve breathing difficulties. But conifers are much closer to us and in my view, much more efficient. In this way has the christmas tree tradition been carried on. Selecting a great fir, we would place it in the main room, decorating the tree with candles so as to help release its essence. The odours protected the household from epidemics which flourished when winter had its firmest grip on the land.”

Relaxation: spruce, lavender and sage.

Spruce is the all-purpose of essential oils—everyone should have a bottle close at hand. It is of course a sedative and a natural anti-depressant, but its antiseptic properties make of it a great ally in the treatment of burns; also, it stimulates the immune system.

Indigestion: peppermint (or rub it on the temples in case of headache.)

Muscle tone: chewing st-john’s worth is a traditional quebecois and european remedy.

Mikaël zayat mixes little yellow flowers with olive oil, a mix he then exposes to sunlight for several months. The resulting reddish mixture can be rubbed over the region of the kidneys to give an extra kick-start to the body before any special effort. We use it preferably in combination with fir essence.

The skin: rose and shea butter.

“Shea butter is a paste extracted from the nuts of a tree from west africa. It regenerates the skin thanks to the vitamins a, d and e which it contains naturally. Shea butter protects, softening and relaxing the epiderm, fights wrinkles and dehydration without making the skin oily. It is firming and is convenient for all skin types, even the most sensitive.”

Travel: “everything depends on where we’re leaving and where we’re going.

If going to europe, it would be good to take a mix of spruce, lavender and sage. If going to india, spruce and palmarosa. Going south or to the middle-east, spruce and citrus. To vancouver, spruce and cedar. Spruce favours a gentle passage and the other plants allow the body to prepare toward the energy of the destination point. It is best to use these oils two or three days before departure. Once arrived at the destination, we can stimulate ourselves by inhaling black spruce.”

A good sleep: spruce, lavender, and mandarine.

Soak a cloth or spray your pillowslip. Mandarine alleviates problems of insomnia, nervousness and anxiety.