DIFFUSAROMA - Colibri Clear, small (P/S)

DIFFUSAROMA - Colibri Clear, small (P/S)


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Within the range of "Colibris", this small model of clear Colibri is made of transparent scientific glass. 

How to spread our precious essential oils and synergies? 

The DIFFUSAROMA diffuser works with nebulization, which is considered the most effective way to diffuse essential oils, to purify the air, while creating a pleasant atmosphere, to make a gift or for a large space. 

Ambient air is put under pressure and then blown in a tiny pipette which has the effect of driving the essential oils and turning them into a cloud that will spread in your living space.

There are several ways to diffuse essential oils but nebulization remains the method that least distorts the active ingredients of the oils, they are not heated or mixed with water (it is not possible to mix essential oils and water), it is the ideal combination for perfect diffusion for a therapeutic purpose.

*The pump is very quiet and is ideal for domestic use.

* The pump is inserted inside the wooden base.

* The wooden base is equipped with a switch, we advise you to always turn it to the maximum, for an optimization of the diffusion.

* This pump is not designed to be used for more than 2 hours per day.

Given the power of spray diffusion, we recommend using 10 to 15 minutes at a time, 2 to 3 times per day maximum. 

The total height of the Diffusaroma Standard fully assembled with the base, the stopper and the glassware is approximately 23 cm (9 inches), it is handcrafted so the dimension may vary from one copy to another.

Anthony Wright, one of the few scientific glass blowers, has created for us this range of glassware in the shape of a hummingbird.

It starts with one of the hardest boro-sylicate glasses to make a delicate diffuser that will easily find its place at home or in your workplace to spread our precious Synergies.

=> Please note that each glassware is unique, being handmade.

For more information about using DIFFUSAROMA, please click here or watch our video on YouTube.

To learn how to properly clean your DIFFUSAROMA you can watch our video on YouTube.

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    Admin A.


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    Eloï A.

    Un excellent rapport qualité prix ! Best Value !

  • djoche@hotmail.com's picture
    Josua P.

    Excellent produit, très beau et fonctionne merveilleusement bien en plus d’etre facile d’utilisation! Je dirais, par contre, que ce modèle est particulièrement brouillant, comparativement au modèle standard. Le bout allongé de la sortie provoque un son de sifflet. Avec une ambiance musicale on réussit à dissimuler légèrement ce son, si vous n’accordez pas d’importance aux bruits ce modèle est parfait pour vous. A l’exception de cet inconvénient qui n’est malheureusement pas mentionné à l’achat, je suis entièrement satisfait.