DIFFUSAROMA luxury collection

DIFFUSAROMA luxury collection


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Enjoy this magnificent set containing our standard DIFFUSAROMA diffuser as well as our entire collection of diffuser synergies valued at $ 285 for only $ 260.


You can change the atmosphere of your home, classroom, shop or office according to your desires and the season.

Carry the aromas of our synergies or your essential oils with you all day long thanks to the standard DIFFUSAROMA necklace that is offered to you!


Just put a few drops of your favorite synergy or essence on the felt square, slip it into the glass tube and voila!


This set contains:

  • DIFFUSAROMA standard
  • standard DIFFUSAROMA collar, small
  • Abundance, 15ml
  • Conifer, 15ml
  • Cupid, 15ml
  • Freshness, 15ml
  • Harmony, 15ml
  • Christmas Joy, 15ml
  • Moustikair, 15ml
  • Pandem, 15ml
  • Provence, 15ml
  • Rejoicing, 15ml
  • Relax, 15ml
  • Breathe, 15ml
  • Sleep, 15ml
  • Tonic, 15ml

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