Discovery set: Les Forestières

Discovery set: Les Forestières


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Bring the ambiance of the forest to your living room with this woody trio.

Discover three generally lesser-known oils and take full advantage of their calming and purifying aromas.


More generally known for its essential oil obtained from needles, balsam fir also offers us an essential oil extracted from its bark, with similar properties but with a deeper, subtle and slightly spicy smell.

Respiratory tonic, jack pine oil also has actions on the nervous system by helping to fight physical and nervous fatigue.

Its sweet aroma will envelop you during your meditations.


Blue spruce has purifying and positive diffusion properties and offers a stimulating and toning effect when applied in massage with vegetable oil on the plexus.


This set contains:

  • Jack pine, 5ml
  • Blue spruce, 5ml
  • Balsam fir bark, 5m

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