Kit Headaches

Kit Headaches


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Learn how to soothe your headaches with essential oils. 

Join Amy in this live video broadcast and find out how essential oils can ease away the symptoms and duration of common and chronic headaches.  

There is nothing worse than having a headache disrupt your day and worsen your mood.  Not to mention the physical discomfort and irritability that often accompanies it.  

In this one-hour broadcast, Amy will share 5 essential oils shown to reduce the pain and duration of headaches and teach you how to make your own aromatic remedy to have on hand the next time you get one.


This kit includes (bottles of 5ml each) :

Peppermint, organic India

Lavender, vera, organic France

Eucalyptus officinal, South Africa

Mint, bergamot, organic Nepal

Tangerine, organic Italy

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