Scented Body Oil Set

Scented Body Oil Set


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Make your own massage oil or hydrating body oil.

Create multiple combinations with this quartet of essential oils.

Simply add a few drops of your essential oils to a small amount of neutral massage oil and apply it to the body as a massage.

You can mix in small empty bottles to create several different blends or add a few drops directly to the neutral massage oil bottle to create your unique scent.


Rosat geranium: its floral scent will increase your vital energy and give you back tone and energy

Clear and bergatene-free bergamot: a suave and lemony fragrance with both calming and energizing properties (this bergamot oil without bergatene is non-photosensitizing, therefore safe to apply on the skin)

Patchouli: euphoric and regenerating oil, its heady scent helps to reconnect with yourself to find your bearings

Atlas cedar: its woody scent helps you regain vital energy and determination to regain serenity and courage


This set contains:

  • Neutral massage oil, 125ml
  • Rosat geranium, organic, Egypt, 5ml
  • Patchouli, organic, India, 5ml
  • Bergamot clear and without Berg, Italy, 5ml
  • Atlas cedar, organic, Morocco, 5ml

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