Kit Focus and Productivity

Kit Focus and Productivity


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COVID has turned our work-life upside down. And for many of us who are now working from home, we are finding that it's a real challenge to focus and concentrate, and be more productive.

Are you finding that you are are easily distracted? Are you having trouble tuning out the voices, shuffling, and energy of others who you share work/ living space with? Or do you find your mind wandering, or worrying about what's going on in the other room?

Join Amy in this hour long live video broadcast where you will learn some easy and actionable tips on how to use essential oils while at your desk, to improve your focus and help you get your work done. 

This kit includes (bottles of 5ml each):

Lavender, vera, organic France

Grapefruit, white, United States

Pine, scots, organic Canada

Peppermint, organic India

- Rosemary ct cineol, organic Morocco

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